Another Winter Weather


February 25, 2014

Oh my, another winter weather is coming this weekend? It does not really matter to me about having another winter weather coming as I don’t have to be outside on those days. Though, I think about my hubby they might be out of school again due to the weather conditions. Their last day of school is in June which sucks. I love having Doug around all summer and having a late school is harder on  Charles and me both. Plus with our SUV down again the Mustang is not a good bad weather car as its traction on snow and ice is awful. But we have been very lucky when it comes to the weather here in Northwest Arkansas unlike other parts of the country which are still covered in snow. This week’s polar vortex is back and could affect millions of Americans again. Many are still left without electricity, food to eat especially those kids depending on school lunches. Anyway, few of my favorite shows on Bravo are back for the season which I am looking forward to. Doug & I has different shows to watch on television except for NASCAR racing.