NASCAR Sprint Cup Tickets


May 05, 2014

My son, Charles began watching NASCAR Sprint Cup races when he was 3 years old. Now, he’s 5, racing is still his favorite show to watch on television and playing games on the phone. Having a NASCAR fan at home, has made my hubby and me into NASCAR fans as well. Our weekend won’t be the same without watching NASCAR races. Just this week we are going to Kansas City to watch the NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Kansas Speedway for the second time. 

The first time I watched NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Kansas Speedway I thought it was very exciting and the fans were very excited and happy. Of course, seeing Dale Earnhardt JR., at the racetrack makes the crowd go wild every time he passed by. Aside from Dale Earnhardt JR., I also like Jimmie Johnson, Jeff Gordon, and Brad Keselowski which is also Charles’ favorite driver and so is Kyle Larson. When we visit my husband’s family I usually pack our clothes ahead of time but not this time. 

Over the last few days I have  been very busy with my iPhone.  I used to not play much on it until Charles downloaded games on my husband’s phone. I thought the games were very interesting so I wanted it on my phone so I can play the games when my husband is not around. Bakery Story, and Restaurant, are very addicting and I really enjoy them. Of course, though they both take a lot of time to keep up with.


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