He Rode Faster Than Ever


July 09, 2014

I had quite a busy day over the last few days now. I’ve been teaching Charles how to ride his bicycle without the training wheels and he really did a fantastic job in riding his bike. Tonight, he rode faster than ever. As a mom of course I am worried he might crash into the concrete and have a boo-boo. With his new found bicycle riding skills he is very eager to go outside even when it is hot and I don’t like it as much as he does. 

The other thing that I need to teach Charles is to write the alphabets and numbers. With Charles being left-handed it is really difficult for me to teach him and Charles does not like writing at all. Though when it comes to reading and counting numbers, not to brag but, he is really good at those already. Oh well, what have you been doing on your summer break so far? As for me, I have been busy driving the car and watching recorded shows on television. 

With so many shows to watch on Bravo recording them all at once is the best thing to do so I can skip commercials. I can’t wait for the season premiere of Don’t Be Tardy, The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Top Chef Duels, Below Deck, and Chrisley Knows Best. When it comes to cooking shows I am really into watching the shows. Most of the time it makes me hungry when I see delicious foods on television. The other night we were watching Diners Drive-Ins and Dives and boy I was starving after watching the show.


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