July 16, 2014

Have you ordered online and when it arrives in the mail it was not the right one? Well, that is what had happened to us when my husband ordered my magnetic sticker  “NEW DRIVER, PLEASE BE PATIENT”. The magnetic stickers that we got are; “NEW DRIVER“, and “STUDENT DRIVER” instead of “PLEASE BE PATIENT”. Thankfully, everything has been taking care of and they are going to send a new one in the mail. 

Well, we’ve been kind of busy lately. We took Charles to his checkup and everything went really well. Charles and I also shopped for his clothes to wear when he goes to school this August. Every time Charles and I go shopping he always complains and just want to go home as soon as possible. So now, that I can drive shopping will be a lot easier and Charles could stay at home. He also does not like watching movies so he can not go with his dad when he watches a movie. 

When Charles and his dad watched a movie together it did not go so well so my hubby had to drive Charles back home when the popcorn was all gone. Charles is just like me who rather be home all the time but once in a while I want to go some other places.


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