A Dirt Bike For His Birthday


August 12, 2014

I can not believe my baby will turn 6 years old next month. Time goes really fast. Before I know it he will be in college, just kidding. As for his birthday presents I would really like to give him a dirt bike though his dad thinks it is dangerous for him to have one. While browsing at the Toys R US website, the Razor Dirt Rocket MX400, is really awesome and it is for 14 years old and up. Its very pricey of $249.99. We could have spent the money twice for our grocery shopping trips, just saying haha. The Mini Motos Dirt Bike 6V Red, is very cool. It has training wheels just like his bicycle that he no longer uses. 

Razor Dirt Rocket MX400

Mini Motos Dirt Bike 6V Red

With so many toys he already has, buying things for him can be difficult. Doug, and me sometimes disagree on things that we would like to buy for Charles but in the end Doug always gets what he likes and not what I like. When it comes to shopping for Charles clothing I like to buy jeans for him. Though Doug does not like wearing jeans and so he does not want Charles to wear them as well. Of course Charles does not really like jeans either. Wait until we have a daughter buying clothes, shoes, and toys are all my decisions in the end.


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