Auto Destructing Electronic Messages


August 12, 2014

Wow what shocking news we have had the last few weeks, Gaza, Iraq, ISIS, Ukraine, Robin Williams, and Russian computer hackers. Wait did I just say hackers, well yes I did. If you missed it there was a massive hacker ring exposed in Russia where millions upon millions of computer users had their accounts hacked across all kinds of websites and passwords. 

This is not the first and will not be the last attack on the security of your computer, its passwords and your files. What you need is layers of defense to protect yourself from those like in the Russian case or the Target breached security last year. A good firewall can help, good anti-malware can help, and a good anti-virus program can help. 

All those though cannot do it alone and you may need the great service provided by Forgetnic. Forgetnic is a computer program that will auto destructing electronic messages of all sorts. Personal files, pictures, videos, and financial records of all sorts can be totally eradicated and protected from outside attack.


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