Charles Could Get Us in Trouble


September 03, 2014

Before, my son, Charles, started his Kindergarten, we were commonly getting up around 9 to 11 o’clock in the morning. Now, its not a problem for him getting up at 6:30 though eating his breakfast seems to be his problem. Just this morning he did not eat his breakfast before he goes to school as he does not like to eat anything at all early in the morning. As a mom, of course it worries me. What if Charles complains that he is hungry before lunch time and his teacher will ask him what‘s the problem? 

With Charles not eating his breakfast could it get us in trouble in the future? Here in the U.S., when you send your child to school hungry or has some personal hygiene issues it could definitely put their families in question for the authorities. Being a mom and a wife I always cook and prepare our meals every day so we can get a good meal instead of buying frozen foods from the grocery store. 

But Charles has always been a very picky eater since he was little and I keep encouraging him to try to eat new foods. Though he only eats what he likes and don’t when he doesn’t feel like it. Funny thing is Charles has always been that way in the morning, he wants to wait like an hour to eat his breakfast everyday.


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