Good Compliments from Other People


November 24, 2014

I used to work as a data encoder when I was in the Philippines. With surveys coming from the United States, I was curious the way someone answered to each questions. The questionnaire was all about you, family, leisure, arts and crafts, travel, motoring, health, and home. When it comes to motoring section I was curious about the make and model of each car and what it looked like. Now, that I see cars everyday and drive by myself I know every car’s make and model, of course which car is expensive as well. So when Doug, decided to get our next car I was very apprehensive on the type of car that he’s getting, Ford, Mustang, GT. It is not family car, it doesn’t have much room at the back but is very fast and very good looking car (not bragging). 

Ford, Mustang GT

Most of all we always get good compliments from other people and I just smiled about it when I hear one. So when I drove the Ford, Mustang the other day when I picked up Charles from his school I got a compliment from a kid, “you have a nice car by the way”. It was very flattering even a kid already knows about good looking cars on the car rider lane.