I'll Just Have to Laughed About It


December 10, 2014

With Christmas Day, just around the corner you probably are done shopping for gifts for your loved ones. Well, good for you! That means you really looking forward to the holiday. As for me, I have not shopped for any gifts for my son, Charles. He wants an X-Box so he could play games but we already have one. I just never let him play on his dad’s X-Box and I don’t think it’s a good idea to start with. 

Yes there are games he could play for his age but once he explored the system he can play anything he likes which some of the games are not suitable for his age. I remember when Doug was playing games on his X-Box and it was cussing “son of a bitch“, then Charles said; bitch, bitch when he was little. I thought it was funny at that time but not anymore when Charles asked me this question a few days ago. What is holy shit? 

It was kind of shocking but I managed to ask where did you hear that? It’s a bad word. There are times I’d rather not say anything though he is very inquisitive and kept on asking, why? When we were at school watching wrestling dual Charles wanted to buy nacho cheese and I don’t have cash so Charles kept on asking why you don’t have money? I said; they don’t take cards, cash only. Then Charles said; that means you are bankrupt, you need to go to the bank. 

With his sense of humor I’ll just have to laughed about it even when sometimes it is getting onto my nerves when he asks non-stop questions. Making deals with me and asking with triple please are hard to resist to say no when I saw his angelic face waiting for my answer. Well, tomorrow is Cookies with Santa at Charles’ school and looks like we are all going after Doug’s wrestling practice. This is our first time to do this event and something to look forward to tomorrow.

Great Gift this Holiday

So you like your guitar and you love the sounds of your effect pedals. What you need though as you get more advanced is that you need a way to organize all those wonderful pedals. The TC Electronic Polytune Mini 2 is a great tool and is perfect as a gift for your music friends, family or yourself this holiday season.