What a Gorgeous Day


February 08, 2015

What a gorgeous day we have had over the last two days now. It feels like spring weather already. The temperature was in the 60’s so we decided to wash the car which Charles, really enjoyed helping out doing. Yesterday, was a lovely day as well. Charles, and I, went shopping at Pinnacle Hills Promenade, while Doug, was gone for the wrestling tournament. Oh my goodness! I have not seen the parking lot as full of cars parked all around and people walking by just enjoying the beautiful weather like we were. 

Charles favorite, Chicken Lo Mein
Charles' eating Lo Mein
As we walked around I saw 2 different cars coming our way though I never knew what cars are those so I told Charles, look! I thought it was very cool then Charles said; its Lamborghini (orange and black). He really knows all cars, which is pretty good for a 6 year old kid. When you have hundreds of cars in your collection you really know anything about cars. After I shopped, Charles, wanted to eat noodles but his favorite place has already closed inside the food court so we went to P.F. Chang’s. 

Pepper Steak

While waiting for our food Charles, said: after all the hard work of shopping we deserved food, right mama? He just made my day laughing. He also said: he wants to have a baby brother or sister so the baby could help him pick up his toys because he is tired. Well, Charles has already planned what’s going to be the baby’s job once there’s another baby on the way. Just like when I told him, you’re going to sleep in your bedroom when we have a baby. 

Though Charles planned the baby can sleep in his bed so he could sleep in our bed, or move his bed into our bedroom which is a smart idea of him to think of (backup plan). Before, he doesn’t like the idea every time I say; I am going to have another baby and he always say, no I guess he‘s ready now to be a big brother. When the food arrived Charles was confident enough to use the chopsticks when eating his favorite Chicken Lo Mein, while I had Pepper Steak.