Pancit and Steamed Cake (Puto)


March 06, 2015

My grandmother makes delicious steamed cake (puto) and I really miss eating those tiny steamed cakes (puto). They are simply the best every time my grandmother makes them especially when it is made of rice instead of flour. Well, it has been a long time that I have not eaten my grandmother’s steamed cake and I was really craving to eat one.

Steamed Cake (Puto)

Steamed Cake (Puto) & Pancit

While I still have left-over, pancit why not make steamed cake? Pancit and steamed cake (puto) are really a good combo. But sorry! I cannot share you my recipe as I only eyeballing the ingredients. That’s how I cook. Hmmm craving solved!

My Pancit and Menudo


March 01, 2015

We’ve been eating out lately but I always miss eating the dishes that I used to eat in the Philippines. Last week, I was excited when I saw the meat at Wal-Mart that has fat in it so I thought it would be good to make menudo and pancit. These are the dishes that we used to eat in the Philippines and I always make sure to have them in my fridge specially I am the only one during the day. 



Gulaman or Gelatin

Warming leftovers are good and perfect when I don’t feel like cooking other dishes. How I wish my son, Charles would try to eat pancit, or menudo and see if he will like it or not just like adobo as his favorite. Though he only likes chicken wings no other meat at all.

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