My Soccer Player


April 25, 2015

Charles has played most of the soccer games since they have started. As a mom, I am very proud of him especially when he scores a goal. Screaming from the bench, sitting up and down like a crazy mom makes myself nervous and excited at the same time. When Charles gets the ball I am going crazy. Hey! It’s my baby. Soccer is fun and an exciting game to watch. Charles likes most of the sports he has watched except for baseball. Though I also have some frustrations with their coach the way he handles his job with the team. Use a whistle during practice, don’t just let the kids keep on kicking the ball far away from the goal. And on their very first game the coach was late which is kind of annoying. When you’re taking your job seriously, you have to be there early for the team. Show the team how dedicated and competitive you are in winning every game and don’t show up when the game is almost over. Just like this morning, the coach was 25 minutes late. The game was supposed to starts at 10 o’clock and where was he? Thank goodness he has his volunteer coach who seems more interested in doing her job than the coach. She is always there in every game and practice. If not for her surely, the team is going to miss most of their practices and forfeit 2 games because he‘s late and not around. 

Anyway, I got Charles’ soccer picture today. Oh my goodness! My son, is looking so handsome on his solo picture with a smile on his face I couldn’t be more proud of him. He doesn’t like picture taking so its good to have a good photo of him.


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