Already Bought The Tickets


May 14, 2015

A few days ago, Doug, told me he was thinking about us going to watch an Indy Car race, at the Texas Motor Speedway. That being said, I was contemplating whether we should go or not as I am thinking about a 6 hours drive on the road just to see the race. Well, last night, I just went to bed for a couple minutes and when I got up he told me he already bought the tickets, got our hotel room reserved. 

My hubby would be willing to drive rain or shine just to watch a game or race which I don’t necessarily like to do. He always calls me a wimp which I’m not!  I just don’t like going to places and doing things that I don’t really like especially now with my migraines and allergies. I really like racing I am just worried about the long drive. 

Anyway, Charles,’ Kindergarten End of Year Celebration, is on May 26, and last day of school is on May 29. I cannot believe he’ll be in First Grade already. Time flies very fast which is a good thing and getting up each day has been very difficult for me especially when I don’t feel like getting up but I have to. Well, summer is just around the corner. What are your plans for the summer? 

For us, my son, Charles, is going to visit his aunt Connie, to do his summer lists which sounds fun. Though this would be interesting for the three of us being away from each other but I think Charles will enjoy himself without us.


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