Finally, I Saw Their Team Win


May 03, 2015

With a big weekend in sports history which sports did you watch? From Kentucky Derby, NBA Playoffs, NASCAR Xfinity, NHL, MLB, NFL Draft, and Boxing, you probably were glued to television watching one of these sports. As for me, I only watched a few minutes of the Kentucky Derby, and never watched other sports mentioned above. Probably, you’ll say to me, how could I have not watch boxing? Well, I am not really a super-fan of boxing and I don’t want to spend a dime by watching the fight on Pay Per View. Tried to watched it online, but with so many ads popping up every second it was so annoying so I decided to go to bed it was already late at night. 

Anyway, I have mentioned on my blogs that my son, Charles, is playing soccer. Finally, I saw their team win yesterday, 9-4. Charles, made 4 goals and 1 goal hit the post which doesn’t count. Just made this mama so proud and so was Charles, and Doug. As always, the coach was late and the game has already started before he arrived, thanks to his assistant who’s always there for the team. At least tomorrow is their last practice and Tuesday, is their last game at 6 o’clock. Hopefully the team can win on their last game. Also, this week is Charles’, Gentry Safari Field Trip, and we are both looking forward to that.


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