I Hardly Update My Facebook


July 13, 2015

I can not believe it took me this long to update any of my blogs. Well, not only my blogs but Facebook as well since I deleted all that I’ve posted. I noticed there was something wrong with my Facebook account when I opened it on our desktop. Right click, view page source, there you could see html codes once you open your account on the desktop. Understanding these codes are very difficult and confusing as I don’t know any of these plus looking at those codes makes me dizzy. 

As I scrolled down the page I noticed someone is using my account for Facebook related ads. When I read the transcript it looked like the person is having a problem with the transactions using my account. Of course, I wondered how could this happen when someone is making money out of another persons account? Generated ads can make someone hundreds of dollars without their knowledge, sucks I am one of those victims. 

But as you noticed I hardly update my Facebook account before I deleted my previous posts. Most of the times I’d rather keep it to my self instead of posting on social media unlike most people I know of. To me you don’t need to change your profile picture every two days when you just changed it with the same picture just days ago. I know its your account you can do whatever the heck you want but come on don’t you feel sorry for yourself? Hey, its okay, just kidding! Not being safe on the web is being cautious what to say and share on social media.