I Was Just Ecstatic :)


August 03, 2015

Just seeing produce like jackfruit, bananas and long beans (sitaw) at A’Chau Oriental Market, put a smile on my face. Why wouldn’t it? Jackfruit is my all time favorite vegetable next to long beans (sitaw) and the long beans looked the same as what we grow in our backyard. I was just ecstatic so I bought them and had it for my dinner with dried fish of course. That just made my night wonderful as I was overly stuffed since I never put myself on any diets. 

Jackfruit (Langka)


Long Beans (Sitaw)

Eating foods that I used to eat growing up is all I want even when I live here in the U.S. And why not? It tastes delicious as any other foods here in the U.S., the second plate is a proof to that even over prime rib. Well it depends on time or day on how mouthwatering the food looks in front of me.