Mama, How Many Days Until My Birthday?


September 07, 2015

Only two weeks away before my son’s 7th birthday. But oh my! I hear these questions a bunch of time each day, Mama how many days until my birthday? Are you excited for my birthday? Yes, I am excited baby, why? I guess with all the birthday gifts that he is getting on his birthday its hard not to be excited each and every day. Not only his birthday he is also getting excited for the holidays to come. While shopping around at Barnes & Noble, the other day he kept on pointing out Lego boxes these are what I want from Santa. Hmmm I told him I don’t think so; that’s quite expensive for Santa to be buying all the Lego’s you really want from him. 

As for his 7th birthday, I am not going to cook anything as he wants to eat at MacDonald’s, his favorite restaurant of all time. With the best fries they have it is really hard not to love MacDonald’s and so do I, I love their fries. With a new WHATABURGER, just recently opened we are all delighted Charles likes their cheeseburgers and fries so this place is also a contender. We could take his aunts when they visited for his birthday. WHATABURGER burgers taste really good though I still love Sonic onion rings compared to WHATABURGER onion rings, just saying. 

Hopefully the weather would still be great within the next two weeks since playing put-put golf and go karts are on his birthday lists to do and bowling as well. Definitely, this is going to be fun and exciting for everybody when his birthday comes. I wrapped some of his presents the looked on his happy face is so priceless thinking about what he’s getting. Well, it has been gorgeous weather here in Northwest Arkansas. The temperature is not too hot that everyone could enjoy being outside watching football games. With Fall just around the corner this time of the year is one of my favorite seasons of the year. The trees just starting to change the colors of their leaves before we know it Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day, to be celebrated with family and friends.

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