Isn't It Annoying?


December 09, 2015

Isn’t it annoying when you only signed up for rewards cards at the store then the next day you are getting hundreds of emails and phone calls everyday? Well, that’s what I am getting for what I signed up for; phone calls and unwanted emails. Its not a big deal as I already unsubscribed to all the rewards membership I have signed up for online. Besides, I do not need any updates on the latest trends on clothes or shoes as I buy what makes me feel comfortable. 

Also, shopping can be frustrating when you want to buy clothes or shoes and it is not available on my size. As for the coupons who doesn’t like getting them in the mail specially from JCPenney? Getting freebies when you spend $10 or more on $10 off is like the greatest thing of all. As for my coupon, I had bath towels last Sunday, and it was free. 

Anyway, I got my order from Victoria’s Secret today, a little disappointed when I saw the package as it was the very opposite when you purchase at the store. I am not satisfied with my orders so I am going to return the item once the other order arrives in the mail. When I ordered online I purchased 2 items and only 1 showed up today, not good!


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