I Don't Mind Spending Time in the Kitchen


November 29, 2016

Growing up, I hated doing household chores and cooking was one of them. Now, I don’t mind spending time in the kitchen cooking dishes that I love to eat. It never gets old eating the same foods over and over again I have not changed at all after all these years. These dishes that I make was weeks ago but I just want to share some photos of what I’ve been up to.


Steamed Cake (Puto)

Bacon Wrap Smookies


Sweet Potato (Camote Cue)

These dishes are not fancy but I loved eating them all.

AKG Shop

So if you are into making serious music then you really need to look at the awesome AKG center. With everything from guitars, microphones, headphones and just about anything else you could think of for our music needs. AKG is truly a one stop wonder shop. Of course, having everything you want in one sit is made even better when the prices are great and the ease of shopping is off the charts make AKG a true winner of a web site.



September 22, 2016

My son, just turned 8 yesterday. As for his birthday he wanted to eat at Mojitos so the staff could sing Happy Birthday to him. When the staff was singing he was a little bit shy though he managed to say thank you after the song. Mojitos is one of my favorite restaurant to eat at though I am not a huge fan of their neon lights. It just makes the room darker especially when you are taking photos to share on social media. The photos I took are not good ones though I needed them to post for my blog so I’m asking for apologies in advance. 

Beef Chorizo Fajitas

Shrimp Kabobs

But every time we visit Mojitos I always order the same entrée, Shrimp Kabobs and steamed rice instead of vegetables. I don’t mind ordering the same food over and over though I could try Fajitas but I’d prefer what I know tastes delicious. I admit, I have my favorite entrée this restaurant has in the kabobs. 

Lynx Hilo

So do still like to record on analog equipment? If so you still may want to store and share your music through the now standard digital music. If so, lynx hilo is the perfect tool for you. Lynx Halo converts analog to digital signals and comes with loads of options. Made by the well respected Lynx Studio Technology over 12 inputs and 16 outputs this unit can do it all.  

Shrimp Red Curry


September 12, 2016

Have you ever been to a restaurant and ordered the food and tasted it and told yourself I can make this at home? Well, that is just what I did when we ate at Thai Ginger, a couple of weeks ago. When I tasted my husband’s entrée Shrimp Red Curry, I thought it was delicious so thought I could try to make it at home. Since it was my first time eating at Thai Ginger, I figured to get their menu to look at just in case for our next visit I know what to get. While reading, Shrimp Red Curry it seemed easy to make with the ingredients already listed on the menu. With my own spin I just figured out how to cook the food and it looked the same as what my husband had ordered although it was very spicy. Who would have thought just a squeeze  of red curry paste could be that spicy? About one tablespoon I guess since I don’t measure ingredients unless I’m make a cake or brownies. 

But anyhow, I thought my first try to make Shrimp Red Curry was very successful then when next time comes around I know the amount of curry I am going to use. Whether you are trying different culinary cuisine without traveling abroad why not try Thai foods? My Shrimp Red Curry is a mouth-watering dish without over blowing your budget even when it comes to seafood like shrimp. The ingredients are without measuring as my guesses.

Shrimp Red Curry

½ lb of Shrimp (deveined)
1 tablespoon cooking oil
½ Bell Peppers red or green (whatever you prefer)
1 small can of Bamboo Shoots
¼ tsp Red Curry Paste
1 can Coconut Milk
Basil leaves

Turn on the stove to medium heat to warm the pan, add the cooking oil, saute the bell peppers, add the shrimp until it looks orange, then add the bamboo shoots and red curry paste, make sure to stir them well, then add the coconut milk and bring it to a boil for about 10 minutes. Seasoned with salt according to taste. Remove from heat then add basil leaves. This dish is perfect with warm rice. Trust me, this dish would be one of your weekend meals to make for your family.

Dave Grohl Guitar

So you like guitars, no let me correct that. You like electric guitars and love Nirvana and the Foo Fighters. Then you need to look at the Gibson special edition dave grohl guitar. This great guitar is a semi-hollow body Gibson ES-335 electric guitar. Own a piece of history and get a great guitar from the preeminent maker of electric guitars, Gibson.

Viggle App Really Works


August 14, 2016

If you are not watching any of the Olympic games in Rio, you’re missing out the excitement happening in every sports event representing the US athletes. With Michael Phelps and Katie Ledecky making history as the greatest swimmer of all time and earning more gold medals than any other athletes. It is very remarkable to watch. Watching these two swum during their events was very excited especially when Katie Ledecky left the other swimmers way behind in the pool and broke her previous world record. 

And most of all, the crowd inside the stadium was cheering for her you could see the excitement all over their faces and so was I. Aside from swimming I am enjoying watching the Women’s Beach Volleyball, Men’s Basketball, Gymnastics and Swimming. Though it is kind of sad the swimming competition is already over. While watching the Rio Olympic games I am also earning Viggle rewards points which I can convert into cash or gift cards once I reached a certain amount of Perk points. 

I swear this Viggle app really works as I already have claimed a Betty Crocker Crock Pot this year. Aside from Viggle, I am racking up rebates on groceries from Ibotta and Checkout 51 that turned into cash as well. Why not use these apps when you can earn money on groceries once it accumulated in your account. For circulars and coupons I use Flipp. 

Recently, I downloaded the Retail Me Not app so this would be interesting how this app really works. Even with a small savings on your purchases your walking away on great deals on products you normally buy for yourself or family members.

Behringer Mixer

If you are a musician and are ready to record your own music or play a gig a good mixer is imperative to showing your best. Behringer is a well known and respected maker of musical accessories. The behringer mixer is another great product Behringer and perfect for a budget minded musician that demands high quality. Wait no longer and get the mixer your music needs and demands.

Michael Kors, Selma Stud Handbag


July 19, 2016

I hardly splurge on myself buying handbags or shoes but when I do I still want to make sure I am not paying too much for the items that I really wanted to have. Recently, I took advantage of Black Friday, shopping in July. Who doesn’t want to shop when you’re getting a great deal for the items that you really want? Of course, I bought myself a Michael Kors, Selma Stud Medium Top Zip Satchel handbag (Pink Grapefruit). I’ve been dying to have this handbag for a long time but the price was way out of my price range and don’t want to spend that much. When I browsed online I was astound when I saw the price so I had  to have it. I did not want it to go out of stock plus it was tax free which makes my online shopping worth having. 

Michael Kors, Selma Stud Medium Top Zip Satchel Handbag

Just today, I used my $10 off when you spend $25 just by joining Club Cali rewards points at Hollister. Hey when you’re getting extra dollars off on your purchases better use it before it expires.

Dodge Challenger


June 09, 2016

I hardly share car photos but this time I really have to; its my husband’s Dodge Challenger with new added accessories. Don’t you think it looks pretty darn good with the Challenger R/T magnetic stickers on the back? 

Dodge Challenger

Challenger R/T

Well, even without the stickers it still looked pretty good just saying. Most of all this car is really fast even though I have not driven the car since we got it. Having different features with my BMW X-5 is kind of confusing to me plus, I am not really a huge fan of touch screen on the car.

Music Friends Site

Hello to all my readers who love to play instruments, make music or even perform in a band. If you are looking for any instrument, accessory, software or effects of any sort the best place on the internet for you is at your musicfriends site. Full of the best products from companies like Gibson, Yamaha, Roland, Martini and more the musicfriends website is your one stop spot for all your musical needs.

I Miss AWE Channel


May 13, 2016

There are days I just want to get over with and today is the day. Thank goodness it is Friday! I don’t need to get up early over the next few days in preparing my boys lunches ready for school. Speaking of school only one week left before the school year is over. Charles is looking forward to be in second grade though he is a little bit sad not seeing his classmates once the school is over. To make him feel better I told him you are going to see them in August hopefully all the kids in your class or maybe some of your classmates in Kindergarten. 

Anyway, it has been a weird day for me. Been laying in bed all day because I have not been feeling very well over the last few days. I also missed my son’s Field Day today at school even though I planned of going before I got sick. Today was just the worse one. Luckily, I attended their last Citizenship Assembly last Wednesday but unfortunately I forgot my phone in the car so I didn’t get a picture of him getting his medal. With me getting older I tend to forget little things every now and then of course it is very frustrating. How much more when I’m in my 40’s? Will I still be able to recognize the people around me? Just kidding. 

Well, its been a few weeks now since I have not watched any shows from my favorite channel AWE. To be honest I really missed this channel since we switched from AT&T U-Verse back to DirecTV. If I only knew DirecTV doesn’t carry AWE I would not want my hubby to switch from U-Verse right away. Its just one of his instant decisions without even checking what are included on the package deal. Anyhow, we cut back our cable bill in half with DirecTV but I’m still not a happy camper. Private Islands, Top Travel, Culinary Travels, Let’s Shop, Dream Cruises, Selling Yachts, and Platinum Playgrounds are the shows that I miss the most watching from AWE.

Black Label Fog Juice

So you have a band or are just putting on shows with your boys. Take your gig to the next level with Black Label Fog Juice. Black Label Fog Juice is an industry leader in providing all kinds of fog effects for your shows. If you want a wall of fog or just accents to show off your lasers or lighting a great fog always brings the ambiance and setting that your crowd will love.

Its Always Good To Watched NASCAR


March 20, 2016

Its always good to watched NASCAR Sprint Cup racing when one of my favorite drivers Jimmie Johnson, wins the race. What a day of racing despite Kevin Harvick who led most laps during the race, it always comes down to restarts. Anyway, today is the first day of Spring and it is cold outside. Hopefully we can get some warmer temperature so we can do outdoor activities for my boys spring break. Doug, is planning to take Charles to Lokomotion for go kart racing, play pat-pat golf and bowling. With cooler temperature we had over the last few days its hard to be outside doing fun things. I still hate cold weather even though I’ve been here in the US for so many years. Can’t get used to it. 

Mango Popsicle


Beef Stew with Bean Sprouts

Well, tonight I cooked one of my favorite dishes that we used to eat in the Philippines, Beef Stew with bean sprouts and bananas. Oh boy, every time I cook meals like that I never think about any dietary restrictions for myself. I ate a lot and I am overly stuffed right now while typing this short post. And to finish it off homemade mango popsicle (ice candy) to call it a day.

How To Play Guitar


March 19, 2016

Ok so you always wanted to teach yourself guitar. The Alfred teach yourself to play guitar starter pack has everything you possibly could need. This kit includes an acoustic guitar, a gig bag, tuner, picks and a full range of books, DVD’s and computer software for Mac and PC computers. All this for one low cost is the best way to get yourself playing that guitar you always have dreamed of.

The Matriarch of 19 Kids and Counting


January 22, 2016

Who would have thought I’ll be meeting the matriarch of 19 Kids and Counting, Michelle Duggar, in person at Walmart today? Oh my goodness! I was really excited when I saw her and her daughter doing their grocery shopping. We exchanged hello. I told her I watched your show (before it got cancelled) on TLC, then I asked her if I can take a picture of her. Which is very nice of her to have her picture taken. But I guess when you’re no longer on the reality television spotlight your life is just like the rest of us, no bodyguards following you around. When I glanced at her cart when I approached her I kinda felt sorry for her knowing they always get 4 loaded carts on groceries as featured on the show. 

Michelle Duggar, 19 Kids and Counting

Well, aside from Michelle Duggar, I also met The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, from Food Network last year doing her book signing at Walmart. Sighed I did not buy her book just found out her book signing but my son, Charles was very excited when he saw The Pioneer Woman.