Its Always Good To Watched NASCAR


March 20, 2016

Its always good to watched NASCAR Sprint Cup racing when one of my favorite drivers Jimmie Johnson, wins the race. What a day of racing despite Kevin Harvick who led most laps during the race, it always comes down to restarts. Anyway, today is the first day of Spring and it is cold outside. Hopefully we can get some warmer temperature so we can do outdoor activities for my boys spring break. Doug, is planning to take Charles to Lokomotion for go kart racing, play pat-pat golf and bowling. With cooler temperature we had over the last few days its hard to be outside doing fun things. I still hate cold weather even though I’ve been here in the US for so many years. Can’t get used to it. 

Mango Popsicle


Beef Stew with Bean Sprouts

Well, tonight I cooked one of my favorite dishes that we used to eat in the Philippines, Beef Stew with bean sprouts and bananas. Oh boy, every time I cook meals like that I never think about any dietary restrictions for myself. I ate a lot and I am overly stuffed right now while typing this short post. And to finish it off homemade mango popsicle (ice candy) to call it a day.


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