September 22, 2016

My son, just turned 8 yesterday. As for his birthday he wanted to eat at Mojitos so the staff could sing Happy Birthday to him. When the staff was singing he was a little bit shy though he managed to say thank you after the song. Mojitos is one of my favorite restaurant to eat at though I am not a huge fan of their neon lights. It just makes the room darker especially when you are taking photos to share on social media. The photos I took are not good ones though I needed them to post for my blog so I’m asking for apologies in advance. 

Beef Chorizo Fajitas

Shrimp Kabobs

But every time we visit Mojitos I always order the same entrée, Shrimp Kabobs and steamed rice instead of vegetables. I don’t mind ordering the same food over and over though I could try Fajitas but I’d prefer what I know tastes delicious. I admit, I have my favorite entrée this restaurant has in the kabobs. 


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