What I've Been Up To :)


April 11, 2017

Growing up I hated doing household chores especially when I had to cook two different dishes for the workers to eat who worked on our farm. Geez, I’d rather be at school on Saturday’s so I could escaped doing all those chores which I dreaded the most growing up. Now, I realized how grateful I am I learned how to cook at a very young age and be able to cook dishes here in the US that I used to eat in the Philippines. I know this seems a little late to posts these pictures for my blog though I wanted to share what I’ve been up to to my kitchen. Caldereta and Beef Stew (with Bean Sprouts) are two of my personal favorite dishes to make and my husband likes them as well. My son though only likes Chicken Adobo and Chicken soup with ginger on it and rice of course. I also had Milkfish soup (Bangus) with green onions, flat leaf parsley is perfect for this soup as well. Mangoes, green bananas, sweet potatoes coconut milk and ginger are my must-haves when I go to the Asian store, A’Chau Oriental Market. 


Beef Stew

Milkfish Soup

Green Bananas & Sweet Potatoes


With summer fast approaching this may sound like an insanely-stupid idea, but I am thinking about making my own dried fish (Galungong). My local Asian market, A’Chau does not have them so why not make my own. Heck ya I‘ll try it even though I have no idea how to make them but by the looks of it is so easy. The temperature in the garage is very hot specially when its closed so it will be perfect for drying the fish but not the stinky smell though. I’m sure this could only take a single day to dry the fish so its not a big hassle. Just have to survive my son and husband complaining about the stinky smell.

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