Diary of a Wimpy Kid


May 22, 2017

Growing up we never had books laying around the house where we can read whenever we wanted to until I started school. Having books then during elementary was fascinating just by looking at every page even though it was printed in black and white. Now, all the books that my son has are very colorful, more realistic on the graphic designs just like his latest one Pokemon. Aside from looking at all 700 Pokemon characters he knew them very well by each name which is fascinating to me. 

Also, Diary of a Wimpy Kid and I Survived books are his latest fascination. So yesterday, I took him to watched a movie Diary of a Wimpy Kid and he likes it a lot. I thought the movie was okay, it made me laugh and so was Charles. When the movie was over we shopped around until Charles started flailing his arms around when I didn’t buy what he really wanted which was a Fidget Spinner. I don’t think its worth buying for $10-20 so I told him we’re going to look around at some other stores maybe we can get it for a cheaper price. 

Charles' New Books

Then he started questioning me, how come you never buy me toys? Instead of engaging his bratty attitude I decided to go home and didn’t say a word even when we got back to the house. When he smelled the food that I was warming up on the stove he came to me and ate what I’m eating. The best thing about Charles is he never holds a grudge when we are not getting along on certain stuff.

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